Biotechnology is a Highly Research Oriented Discipline

Biotechnology as field of study or for that matter a profession is in its nascent stage in India. What it means is that in our country, the craze and popularity as well as the interest shown in this research oriented field is less developed in comparison to more advanced western countries. People and organization have just started to realise the important part it can play in eradicating many problems plaguing our society, country as well as the world and as such it is a rapidly growing sector holding tremendous potential for organizations, students and professionals working in this field.


However, before we proceed any further it is important to understand the basic principle or concept of biotechnology; this will help us better understand the rising popularity of this discipline and the world and all the career opportunities it holds for students who have attained their bachelors or master’s degree in biotechnology from best Biotech colleges in Uttar Pradesh or for that matter top rated institutes located in other parts of the country.  Biotechnology can be defined as controlled and premeditated genetic manipulation of biological systems that focuses on techniques to develop antibiotics, hormones and sundry other healthcare products   to treat a series of diseases and medical conditions.

In other words, Biotechnology is the use of biological processes that generally deals with genetic mutation of living organisms like bacteria, yeast, living cells, etc or biological substances like enzymes to make useful products like synthetic hormones, antibiotics,  bulk food stocks, drugs, etc that are extremely useful in treating a series of life threatening diseases, rare genetic disorders and crippling medical conditions in addition to augmenting food production. Additionally, it looks forward to develop products that help us reduce our environmental footprint, generate cleaner and greener energy and enhance our overall food production capacity among other things.

However, before we proceed further it is highly important to remind you that it is a highly research oriented field where you will be expected to spend a larger part of your time research labs. It is in fact, quiet common in this field to work for years together in developing a breakthrough drug that can efficiently fulfil its objectives for what it was created.

The rate of success in this field also is pretty low with distinct possibility of close to 3/4th of drug developed failing to gain approval from concerned authorities leading to tremendous wastage of precious resources.  All this makes it imperative on your part to study biotechnology only if you are research oriented and not averse to working long hours in research labs. More importantly, you need to seek admission in institutes which offer best Biotech courses in Uttar Pradesh or any other Indian state. Top of the line institutes have sophisticated labs and world class faculties drawn from the best institutes in India and abroad.  They provide all the facility which can generate your interest in research and help you become a truly valuable professional in this exciting and dynamic discipline.