Assisted living solutions help families

InTouchLink has been created to help families find the most appropriate senior communities & care solutions for their elderly. It’s a secure and robust touch screen display and TV enclosure which has been framed to offer the best solution for residential touch screen needs.

The smart software believes at connecting families and residents living in the community. Not only are the residents well aware of the important happenings around but also are at sync with the staff announcements and concerns. This helps in creating a better and proactive community. The software is also used for educating the staff members pertaining to any operational glitch and how to combat that. You can operate this app connected with any of your device: computer, mobile phone, tablet etc. the residents can raise any maintenance concern from a touch on button and raise a service request to the internal staff members.

This user friendly  software provides a big support to the senior living in the community. They are connected to their families and also to the residential community. A personalized email access, photos uploading options, varied game playing features and music access opens avenues for unlimited entertainment. This software can be accessed from any remote location, be it a private home, retirement home or any senior living community or space. The seniors feel that they are not secluded rather updated about the events happening around and feel connected to the members of the community. A weather forecast update and news bulletin display keeps one up breast with the trends and happenings around. This software has combined all the tech expertise to offer you on one platform. A relentless research and work done basis feedback from our senior experts and tech masters, has assured that we take into account the real time problem faced by the seniors and to create a medium to eliminate that.

Efficient Operations

This smart system is also operational efficient, hence the internal staff members are also unburdened and have a stress free experience. For any information sharing, no running around the buildings with circular is required; also, if the Supervisor or building in-charge needs to address the residents on any important issue or happening pertaining to the community, you can simply access this live video from the comfort of your suites. For the suite confined residents, you don’t miss out at anything. We have all that covered in this software. The LiveCamera access gives you security features like guest preparedness and keeps you updated of any relevant video sharing pertaining to the community. If all this was not enough as features, it also allows the residents or connected families to share information on this software pertaining to any important gathering or event. Anything which requires action can be put up on this interactive medium for everyone to be connected.

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