Should You Pursue a Master’s in Education?

Does that question sound familiar? Maybe you’ve been asking yourself this exact same thing over and over as you contemplate ways in which you can improve your earning capabilities and advance in a rewarding career. You don’t necessarily need to be a teacher to consider this move either. You may work in another field but are thinking about pursuing a career in education. In any case, getting your master’s might be the right move for you. This decision will represent a commitment of time and money in order to reach your goal for a better and brighter future, but many teachers feel like these investments of their resources are more than worth it.

The good news is that there are plenty of schools offering excellent programs including Cal State University Northridge or you can put your time towards earning Maryville’s doctoral degree in education and get a degree at your own pace and schedule. Here are some great reasons why you should pursue a master’s in education.

Higher Salary

We all know teachers just don’t get paid what they deserve. Sad but true. However, you can improve your chances at getting a higher compensation by pursuing a master’s degree in education. The result could be a significant bump in salary from $3,000 to as much as $10,000 more than if you held only a bachelor’s degree. Any teacher who can demonstrate that he or she has obtained a master’s is often held at a higher value at any teaching institution.

Better Career Opportunities

You may love teaching but you’ve also thought about moving into other sectors within the field of education. Perhaps you have your heart set on becoming a school counselor or even reaching the position of school principal one day. Those positions are only available to individuals who hold a master’s degree. Having the freedom to move up into different roles you may not have even thought about yet provides you with the option for taking any rewarding and lucrative career opportunities that might present themselves in the future.

Pursuing Certifications

Many teachers are eligible to obtain a license or a certification with just a bachelor’s degree under their belt. But more states are reevaluating their eligibility requirements for getting a certified as a teacher, making a master’s degree an essential component for certification. Whether you get it from the first or complete a master’s program afterward in order to remain certified, you may find it much easier to fulfill the necessary requirements by pursuing a master’s.

Hone Your Skill Set

Teachers are always evolving and learning new ways in which to impart their knowledge on students. If you’ve been in the profession for a while, updating your techniques by taking a master’s program in education might just be the thing you need to get a fresh perspective. Many of these courses can teach you about the new technologies that are being employed in the classroom along with new methods for dealing with students of all ages and grade levels.