Does Something Like Soul Actually Exist? Existence Of Soul: A False Perception

The concept of the existence of one thing referred to as soul to elucidate life is a really outdated concept nurtured by the human thoughts from time immemorial. Virtually each individual on the planet, regardless of the institutional faith he/she believes in and regardless of the place he/she belongs to, believes within the existence of soul in each dwelling being which is the reason for it having life. Kind of the thought is like this- each dwelling being has a soul in it which is chargeable for it to have a life and self-identity. The physique of the dwelling being is mortal however soul is immortal; it by no means dies, by no means will be minimize into items, by no means will be touched or seen. The physique of the being is the abode of soul. When the creature dies, the soul comes out of its physique, or somewhat it’s as a result of soul leaving the physique that the creature suffers demise and it’s mentioned that the soul leaves the physique (current abode) to search out out and enter into a brand new one.This perception in soul provides rise to the idea in ghosts in each illiterate and literate sections of the society and among the many literates even when we are able to discover out somebody skeptical in regards to the existence of ghosts, we are able to hardly discover out anybody who’s skeptical in regards to the existence of soul. The assumption within the existence of soul together with the idea within the existence of god and institutional faith, finally, give rise to the idea in numerous superstitions. All these are related in such a way that we are able to hardly discover out somebody who believes in any one among these and discards the others.All a majority of these false beliefs are the results of lack of rational and logical pondering, lack of correct scientific data and ignorance in regards to the development of recent science, which ought to have been widespread solely among the many illiterate part of the society. However even among the many literates it’s seen that merely data of recent science and its improvement, in lots of circumstances, doesn’t assist so long as one has a correct scientific thoughts, which is the one factor that develops the facility of rational and logical pondering and the facility of explaining issues or conditions with correct perception into any matter. Even a famend scientist could lack in an actual scientific thoughts.In many of the circumstances, we can not transcend the conference and can’t refuse to simply accept the beliefs and practices handed on to us historically by our dad and mom and grandparents after which we step by step move them on to the following technology. This manner lot of beliefs and practices are being handed on from one technology to the following with out ever any questions raised in opposition to them, irrespective of how false and ineffective they could be in essence.Allow us to take the instance of the existence of soul. The idea of soul to elucidate life is a kind of beliefs, which we study from our dad and mom/grandparents/elders to start with after which from everybody surrounding us. The affect is a lot that we by no means ask ourselves- “Does anything called soul really exist?”… “Is the existence of soul really needed to explain life?”Allow us to attempt to study this matter deeply.We consider in soul as a result of we’re ignorant about life and its origin. If we need to throw away the thought of soul, we have to know the choice solutions to the questions like- “What is life?… How does it originate?… Who am I?” However our ignorance in regards to the numerous developments occurring in science- within the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, and so on. and the absence of a rational, logical and scientific thoughts don’t permit us to search out out the true solutions of those questions. So, if any doubt, ever, on the existence of soul arises in our thoughts, that turns into short-term and, finally, we have now to give up to the fast counter-questions that come up in our thoughts. To discard an concept as false, to be on a powerful footing, one should know the true concept first.

We live in a time by which scientists have been capable of create the circumstances that gave rise to the formation of life within the early earth artificially within the laboratory. That is the time by which scientists have been capable of synthesize DNA artificially and introduce right into a cell, devoid of its pure DNA, solely to revive its regular metabolic exercise displaying all indicators of life. These scientists didn’t require a soul to introduce into the cell to provide life to it, in order that it might ask the query later- “Who am I” and begins believing in soul. Our universe is among the infinite universes within the multiverse by which the legal guidelines of Physics are such that, it, ranging from the only molecules of Hydrogen, spontaneously creates difficult, self-replicating molecules… then cells… then organs… our bodies… thoughts… consciousness. There are additionally infinite universes by which the legal guidelines of Physics don’t permit any life to be created in any respect. However, how all these are potential shouldn’t be the topic of this text and I do not need to go deep into it.To throw away the thought of the existence of soul, one doesn’t must take the assistance of science in any respect. Neglect about science and all its developments and developments. The varied incidences taking place recurrently round us in nature and our day by day life are sufficient to show that nothing like soul actually exists to elucidate life. Our sensible expertise is sufficient to show the above. Just a few evidences will be given proper now which conclusively show the non-existence of soul. There can’t be ever any argument in opposition to these evidences.First, let me ask a quite simple query.After a hen or a duck or a pigeon lays an egg and any individual picks it up and retains it on a dish in a spot, say, within the kitchen and waits for it to hatch, why does it by no means hatch to provide beginning to a brand new life? In case of people, why, after the mom’s ovary provides rise to an ovum, she will be able to by no means give beginning to a child till and until it’s fertilized by the daddy’s sperm and likewise, after that, nourished by the mom’s womb? In case of the hen or the duck, the egg must be warmed up by it to be able to hatch and provides beginning. Warming up of the egg by the hen or duck or a spot just like the mom’s womb for the ovum has no different specialty however creates the circumstances required for the creation of life. The optimum circumstances like temperature, and so on. are required for the precise chemical modifications to happen contained in the egg which give rise to the brand new life. If these circumstances will be created precisely within the laboratory, then the egg will certainly hatch within the laboratory additionally. Absence of these circumstances means no new beginning and thus no creation of life. What’s the function of soul within the creation of life then?Now I will place essentially the most convincing proof.Most of us prefer to have rooster. There are quite a few palatable dishes of rooster that are favorite to most people worldwide. In our nation, there are innumerable road-side outlets out there areas, which promote rooster which are dressed brazenly in entrance of the shoppers. Think about that you’ve got gone to at least one such rooster store and have positioned an order. The shopkeeper selects a hen… takes it out of the cage… catches its head in his grip… brings it close to his knife and with the assistance of the knife cuts its throat to divide the physique into two elements. That is the same old apply. There isn’t a doubt in regards to the brutality of this apply. However it’s a widespread expertise to all of us every time we go to purchase rooster out there.Now, at this level, I prefer to ask one query. When the hen is minimize into two parts- the pinnacle mendacity on one aspect and the remainder a part of the physique mendacity on the opposite side- what occurs to the soul?There are three alternatives-(i) the soul instantly leaves its physique and the hen dies- if this occurs then the hen will die instantly because the soul leaves its physique and each the elements will instantly grow to be lifeless like a stone,(ii) the soul goes in the direction of the pinnacle and stays there only- on this case, the pinnacle will nonetheless have life and can present indicators of life whereas the physique turns into useless and immobile like a stone.(iii) the soul goes in the direction of the physique and stays there only- on this case, the physique will nonetheless have life and can present indicators of life whereas the pinnacle turns into useless and immobile.Any one among these should occur if we’re to consider within the existence of soul.Surprisingly sufficient, none of those three occurs. Each the elements of the physique, though separated from one another, present full indicators of life, struggling desperately for a substantial time frame solely to succumb to the ultimate finish. How does it occur? Because of this together with the physique the soul can be minimize into two pieces- one piece goes into every half to maintain life in it. That is unattainable in line with the essential assumptions of the soul idea. Not solely these two elements, one after the other, when the totally different elements are minimize and remoted, I’ve noticed indicators of life in nearly all parts- the gasping of the mouth and the opening and shutting of the eyes within the head half, the shivering of the totally different muscle mass minimize and remoted from one another, the pumping of the center nonetheless happening whereas it lies alone on the ground and so forth. This implies the unique soul has been minimize into a number of items and distributed all all through to retain the dwelling actions in all these elements! I am positive even essentially the most hardcore believers of the soul idea won’t be able to defend their concept after this!The above is one typical instance taken from our day by day experiences. There are particular aquatic creatures like sea cucumber and starfish (echinoderms) and flatworms (planarian), which, if minimize into items, each bit not solely exhibits all indicators of life, however develops into an precisely equivalent entity individually. Amongst these, the starfish, if minimize into ‘n’ variety of pieces- each bit can regenerate the whole particular person. This pure course of of manufacturing equivalent copies by an organism is known as self-cloning.Right here, what have we to say? Together with the ocean cucumber or the starfish, is the soul of it additionally minimize into ‘n’ items and distributed or has the soul additionally undergone self-cloning?A lizard is a quite common reptile seen in nearly all homes. If a lizard is hit by one thing, the tail will get indifferent from its physique very simply, specifically in case of a child lizard, and each the physique and the tail get separated from one another. One can simply discover all indicators of life in each the elements. The tail jumps right here and there on the ground, struggling to stay, for a sufficiently lengthy time frame, whereas the lizard with out the tail carries on as earlier than. This can be a widespread expertise which will be noticed simply in our personal homes. Many extra completely convincing evidences will be given.

I’ve noticed related issues in case of goats additionally, as within the case of hens described above, a few years again, within the well-known Kali temple close to my home, the place goat-sacrifices was a daily apply. There the sacrifice used to happen in an open house behind the temple.We discover all these phenomena very incessantly in our day by day life however we fail to attract any logical conclusion from them since we do not typically ‘observe’ issues however simply ‘see’ them. If we are able to study to watch a factor somewhat than simply seeing it, then that remark will certainly stimulate our thought course of and can permit us to attract some logical conclusion from it.This phenomenon shouldn’t be distinctive to hens, starfishes, lizards and goats. These creatures belong to totally different classes of life-forms- birds, fishes, reptiles, mammals. Self-cloning could also be a singular property of some types of lives, each aquatic and land, however the phenomenon of non-existence of any soul shouldn’t be distinctive to them. So our conclusion will be simply prolonged to all kinds of life-forms together with people additionally.Writing an article in opposition to the thought of the existence of soul doesn’t indicate that the matter has any particular significance to me. The reality is that every one kinds of false beliefs like existence of soul, existence of god, existence of ghosts, perception in institutional faith finally end in believing in all kinds of superstitions and resorting to various kinds of false practices, which, in flip, create a hindrance to the event of our thoughts and mentality and finally to the development of the society. This can be a downside everywhere in the world and, specifically, the issue is deeper within the third world nations and the growing nations.With the super development of science we should maintain our data at all times up to date as finest as potential. We should do not forget that the universe is ruled by a set of legal guidelines of Physics. We should strongly consider in the truth that nothing within the universe can ever go in opposition to the legal guidelines of nature. No miracle, no supernatural factor or occasion can ever happen or no supernatural being can ever exist, since all these imply violation of the legal guidelines of nature which might by no means happen. If we are able to strongly consider, until the final day of our lives, that nothing can ever exist or go in opposition to the legal guidelines of nature, then nonetheless unnatural any taking place seems to us, if we are able to examine it deeply, then quickly we will reveal the very pure trigger behind that apparently unnatural prevalence. Unnatural or supernatural issues, beings or occasions solely exist in our creativeness, by no means in the actual world.