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What to Expect When Changing College

Everyone has an opinion about what to expect when switching colleges, whether it’s for a graduate or undergraduate degree. Some say you should expect a more formalized learning and research environment, while others say that college life is just as hectic and challenging, if not more so than high school.


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How to offer students the right experiential learning courses  

Experiential learning, as you might guess by its name, is all about learning through experiences. Of course, the experiences that might inspire and invigorate one student’s mind could demotivate another.

That’s why it’s vital to give students a choice...

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Top web designing courses in India

Web design courses came in trend in recent years and because of the growing number of people on the internet. Internet is a huge source of information and a good platform for marketing your brand; thus, many companies are attracting numerous web designers.

If you have a sound knowledge of programming language...

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How Project Based Learning Helps In Inclusive Education?

There has been statistical data as well as many research-based works that show the low-income scholars and special education students are less likely to practice student-centred projects...

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A Complete Checklist for Virtual Project-Based Learning

Despite the fact that Covid-19 has affected the educational sectors a lot, however, in many ways, the spring of 2020 gave an appropriate time to launch into a demanding project. It has been seen that several well-designed projects allowed students to work independently at home...

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Which factors most affect the university admission decision?

When you apply for admission to a university program that you dream of, there is no magic formula that the university admission board will use. The admission factors will vary from one institution to the other...

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The Dangers of Not Having a Satellite Phone

It is estimated that 35 million homes are impacted by hurricanes and power loss every year. It is also known that a simple device of a satellite phone that could save a fisherman’s life, usually isn’t affordable to them. These are the dangers of not having a satellite phone...

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5 Indicators That You Are At Risk Of Asbestos Poisoning At Work

Several states have banned the use of asbestos in different commercial and industrial sectors. However, there are some companies still using the mineral without putting their employees on notice...

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Make A Difference: Join Rising Tide of Charitable Giving

If there’s one silver lining of the global pandemic, it’s the rise of charitable giving, especially in the U.S.

Despite a series of unforeseeable catastrophes, including a global pandemic, widespread unemployment, international social justice protests, and a turbulent presidential election, many Americans...

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Do you know how to prepare for PMP certification exams? Here are several tips on passing the exam for you

PMP certification is a series of qualification exams initiated by American PMI and has great value. Although many people sign up for the PMP certification exams, they don’t know how to make preparations in order to improve the passing rate of the exams...

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