10 Practical ideas to raise funds for the university

When I was in the Parents Committee, one of the main problems was University fundraising. I often receive mail from groups of mothers who organize activities for students and ask me for ideas to raise money with which to buy books or materials. These list ideas seem to me easy enough to realize, knowing that they require a lot of commitment from those who organize.

1- Set up a market of used books

If you try to circulate the word among friends and relatives, you will certainly find a good number of books to sell to raise funds. You will need the help of other families who do the same word of mouth. A market of books to work must have a good assortment and very low prices. Put a nice sign announcing the sale of books at 2 euros and you will have the line.

2- Sell cakes

Organize a banquet for selling cakes. It is certainly not a new idea, but always a good success. Try to think about the tastes of students. Sometimes it is better to renounce elaborate recipes to make sure that the cake is liked and sold quickly. Beware of how you store them during the sale! Creams and chocolate are likely to fail.

3- Sell seeds

The growth of the plant from the seed is an educational activity that falls within the university program. Cultivating seedlings for sale can be a task to be entrusted to the second or third classes that study the growth of the plant. The investment is only in the seeds and in the soil, while for the jars a recycling container can be used. In my opinion, aromatic plants like basil and rosemary of flowers are more successful, but it is my opinion.

4- Washing car

In this case it is a matter of selling a service, not an object. You have to find a space to wash the cars, check that they do not need authorizations and advice well in advance that you organize this event. Many parents or big boys will be involved, but even the little ones can contribute. The investment is in sponges and detergent, while some pail is certainly recovered from home.

5- University kits on offer

There are many stationery wholesalers where you can buy university supplies kits at cheap prices. The larger the quantities, the lower the price. In order not to anticipate too much money, collect the orders, explaining how the kit will be composed and that a part of the fee will go into the school fundraising. Without exaggeration you can compose small kits of pencils, rubbers, glue sticks, blue and red pens. An original idea to make only pencils and pens? In recycled bottles!

6- Sell healthy snacks

Out of university one day a month you can think of organizing a banquet for the sale of healthy snacks. It will also be a good message to support proper nutrition. Go and buy fruit at the market where the wholesalers are stocked and buy it at crates. You will save a lot and while asking for a ridiculous amount for an apple, you will have a profit and offer a healthy snack. Tell families in advance.

7- Collect and sell chestnuts

There are years when chestnuts are few and this idea must be put aside. When they are there, chestnuts are collected for free. A nice trip with students can be organized to collect and sell them in bags outside the university.

8- Shows with admission fee

Organize a concert or theater show for which you sell entrance tickets to raise funds. Do not involve the teachers who have enough to do with the university program and do not do a paid essay because everyone would like to see their child but it is not nice to sell the event. Involve some local band of guys who do covers of famous singers and share the proceeds with them.

9- Outdoor cinema

To organize the screening of a film with paid admission it is necessary to be in compliance with the payment of the copyrights and the exercise of the activity. Get along with the local cinema or a group of movie buffs. You can take care of popcorn for sale to raise funds.

10- Nice photographs

Selling the class photo is another classic. A nice idea could be to do even with simple and inexpensive disguises. For example you can provide a basket with ties, hats and various accessories that each class will wear nicely. Here you can see a gallery of original class photos.

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