Do you know how to prepare for PMP certification exams? Here are several tips on passing the exam for you

PMP certification is a series of qualification exams initiated by American PMI and has great value. Although many people sign up for the PMP certification exams, they don’t know how to make preparations in order to improve the passing rate of the exams. So we provide the following tips for you and hope to be helpful.

How to prepare for PMP certification exams?

Check the papers of previous years.

When preparing for the exams, you can find the previous papers on the Internet and try to answer the questions on them. If you don’t understand the content, you can skip it first, but you must finish reading the papers. At this stage, you are suggested not to read books or look up information. You are suggested to record the topics that you don’t understand so that you can have a deep memory of these difficult points which will be your targets in later research. If you have a high level of English ability, you can also take a look at the original English exam papers of PMP certification. Because the exam papers are designed by foreigners, there may be some differences in the expressions of sentence meaning.

Keep doing a lot of exercises.

Through the browsing of previous exam papers, you should have had a good command of the basic concepts and central ideas of PMP certification. At this time, you should turn to the tactic of keeping doing exercises as much as possible. That is to say, you need to find much exercises related to PMP certification. In the process of doing exercises, pay attention to one point that you don’t need to worry too much about some certain type of questions which might confuses you. Because the PMP certification exams may not include this type of questions, and some of the answers and instructions you have found might not be correct. So don’t doubt your own judgment too often. Find out the cause of the problem and try to figure out the knowledge point behind the topic. This is the real meaning of keeping doing exercises.

Attend PMP certification training.

After browsing previous papers and doing a lot of exercises, if you participate in the PMP certification training at this time, you will get twofold results with half the effort. You can not only understand what the teacher says quickly, but also ask questions to the teacher in class about whatever confuses you. And teachers will always be more willing to help students solve their confusion. Here is a point that if you are going to participate in PMP certification training, you had better do adequate preparations before taking the courses. Because if you attend the training without knowing anything in advance, the learning efficiency will be very low.

Sprint before the exams.

In the sprint stage before the exams, you should do the following things well: reading the textbooks, memorizing the knowledge points, reviewing the papers, doing simulated exercises and relaxing the mind. Only in good health, can you do yourself justice in the exams.

How to prepare for PMP certification? In fact, all you need to do is analyzing the exam questions of previous years, doing exercises repeatedly, seriously participating in training, relaxing your mind and making full use of the sprint stage before the exams. Then you can just wait patiently for the coming exams.

Generally, the most appropriate time spent for doing preparations for the exams is 2-4 months. If it is too short, you cannot master so much knowledge. If it is too long, you will get tired to at end of your learning and the review stage will not go smoothly.

Relatively speaking, if there is only one month to prepare for the exams, the time will be tight. However, if you have a good foundation, it is not necessarily too late to begin your preparations seriously. But special attention should be paid to reasonable arrangement of time and targeted review.

There are both difficult points and easy points in the PMP exams.

The difficulties lie in the practice and application of knowledge, most of which are questions of situational cases. It is suggested that in the process of learning, you should combine the methods mentioned with your own practical experience so as to master them easier.

The easy points are that the exams are bilingual and has no language barrier. The exam time is sufficient and the depth of knowledge is reasonable. All of the exams questions are single choice questions.

However, the preparations for the PMP certification exams should be treated seriously. Because passing the exams is not the ultimate goal. Only by transforming knowledge into your ability, learning the essence and thinking patterns, can you be able to think and get answers!

First of all, the PMP certification exam is organized by PMI (Project Management Institute of American) to strictly evaluate whether the project management personnel have high-quality knowledge and skills. It is one of the most authoritative certification exams in the world. PMP certification was introduced into China in 1999 by the Bureau of Foreign Experts (now renamed China International Talent Exchange Foundation).

About preparation time for the PMP certification exams, it takes about 3 months. And you need to spend 1-2 hours to read books and do exercises every day. If you want to pass the PMP exams in a short time, it is recommended that you choose a good PMP training institution to participate in the training. In this way, you can systematically study the knowledge system of project management under the guidance of the teacher, do more exercises and communicate with your classmates more often to deepen your understanding.

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