Improving literacy with online grammar services

Smartphones disciplined us to rely on auto-correction rather than think of the right grammar or spelling. Many times it leads to misspellings, typos, or funny words substitution. It doesn’t bother in daily communication, on the contrary, it saves a lot of time, when the messenger finishes the words instead of you. However, when we are entering into business communication, creating educational or media content, making unfortunate mistakes may cost us a professional reputation and even money. In this accelerating world, no time left to check the spelling or punctuation.

These 5 spell-checking services would come in handy before you click the ‘send’ button.

If you need to proofread the text with no strings attached, this service may be very handy, as it’s free and simple to use. This is a robust English spell check online, where you just need to copy and paste your text without registration or entering credit card details. This is a perfect solution for non-English speakers to detect gaps in the language they are using, as, besides grammar mistakes, the service offers a sidebar with a search form, which helps to find the right semantic word usage.


  • No need to subscribe
  • Spell check available for dozen of other languages, besides English
  • It offers a list of possible correction, which helps to improve language skills


  • The interface is not the top-notch of this service, however, it’s straight forward and up to the point.


This service would be an asset for people, who don’t want to invest a lot of time into writing. It offers word and phrase prediction features and even helps to rephrase the text to make it clearer. If you are a true Android fan, this is a good match to install this application and use it along with your operating system.


  • Besides basic grammar and spelling checking features, it has stickers, GIFs, and emojis, which turns a serious writing process into a fun journey.


  • Available for android only
  • Most features are available within the premium plan


Very simple and user-friendly tool to check all the mistakes, but to get there you need either to register or install an extension to Google Chrome. At no cost, you can get the correction of the spelling and grammar issues, but if you want to go deeper and improve how the language sounds, then the prepaid option is a must.


  • It’s nice looking and very simple to get around
  • Offers a bunch of synonyms just by double-clicking


  • Be careful and don’t accept all the suggestions by default, it still can offer some wrong meanings for the word replacement.


This one is a perfect match for those who work with large documents. This is a desktop application for Mac, but once it’s installed the whole book can be checked and proofread by the means of this service. No errors will be left behind.


  • It doesn’t have symbol limitation, work with as large documents as you wish, however, keep in mind that they can’t be saved. Make sure you run the spell checker once for the whole document


  • Only Mac users may enjoy the service
  • Sometime should be invested in the installation


This is a very good alternative for an online spell checker lover. However be prepared to get through the registration process before you start to use the software, but the price may seem too costly. These two nuances make WhiteSmoke a better player for a corporate segment. Ideally, this all-in-one checker will match the needs of the in-house marketing or content team. Additionally, to regular grammar, punctuation, and spell-checking tools, this one comes with a style checker, which allows the whole team to write in one style and create an image of a single author.


  • It includes a plagiarism checker
  • Some plans contain also the checker for browsers and Gmail


  • The speed and overall look of the application may cause some irritation
  • If you are an individual you may find an option at a better price

The market has a rich offer of grammar and spell services. A small piece of advice is to test each of them before making a purchase or even to peck a free service for casual use.

Proper writing reflects individuality and professionalism and it is highly recommended to have one of these applications in rapid access for prompt use.

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