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Drama movies are serious stories, and presentations with life situations or settings that depict realistic characters in a conflict with themselves, others, or some kind of forces of nature. Dramatic movies show us people at their very best, their absolute worst, and everything in between. These films are probably the largest movie genre, considering they include a wide palette of films; melodramas, historical dramas, crime movies, and romantic films are only some of the other genres that have evolved from the dramatic class. In the great movie Forrest Gump(starring Tom Hanks) drama meets comedy; the film is a serious story about a special boy, but there are quite a few comical inputs, that draw out some laughs during the victories and struggles of the main character.

But on a more serious note, dramatic themes are frequently including current issues, societal ills, injustices, and concerns; racial prejudice, drug addiction and alcoholism, religious intolerance, politics, violence toward women, sexual inequality, poverty, class division, and mental or physical illness. Potent movies found in this bouquet, that can really stick with a person are American History X, Philadelphia, The Green Mile, Dead Poets Society, and of course the evergreen drama, mixed with romance, Titanic.

There are many varieties of drama movies, and a well-directed drama with some action, can be an excellent film. Movies like Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, and Heat are all great drama movies with some excitement blended within. And if you are the kind of person, that likes a pinch of mystery with their movie, Sixth Sense, and The Game are the ultimate jaw droppers, that will keep you intrigued through the whole movie, and leave you baffled at the end.

In the last years, the making of dramas did not stop, it just seems that way sometimes, because there are so many sub-genres included, that you cannot really be completely sure. Astounding drama movies of the last decade are Dunkirk, The Martian, Gravity, The Imitation Game, and Ida. We must not forget The Revenant, the movie that finally got the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio his well-deserved Oscar, and Quentin Tarantino’s spectacular Django Unchained.  These ‘’new-age’’ dramas are different than the drama movies we know from the older years, but this just might be because this genre needs a little stirring up to always keep a good portion of originality.

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