Throwing A Pool Party? Keep Your Guests Safe With These Tips

Summer is just around the corner, and that means that it’s the season for throwing pool parties. Maybe you’re already planning the pool party you’ll be throwing in your fibreglass pool. However, any time you throw a pool party, you should also ensure that your family as well as your guests stay safe.

So how can you protect your family and your guests while they’re in the water, as well as out of it? Use these tips to ensure that everyone has fun at your next pool party.

Train Everyone In Your Family On Pool Safety

Getting training in pool safety can be essential, now that you have a fibreglass pool installed in your home. The pool safety training you provide should include the basics. This means making sure that all of your family members know how to swim as well as float.

They should also be able to recognize when they feel too exhausted to continue swimming.

Some pool safety tips you could provide them include:

  • In case there is an emergency, everyone should know how to safely get out of the pool.
  • A designated adult should watch over the children while they are swimming.
  • Children should never be left unattended near the pool.
  • Diving shouldn’t be allowed in the shallow end of the pool.
  • No one should run around in the pool area.
  • Horseplay is not allowed in or around the pool.

When your family knows these tips, they can stay safer around your pool area. When you throw your pool party, your family can help you keep everyone safe.

Securing The Pool Properly

Before you throw your next pool party, consider taking classes in CPR as well as first aid. By the time you throw your party, you should already have taught everyone in your family how to be safe around the pool.

Your family members as well as your guests should also be made aware of where the emergency equipment is kept near your pool. An emergency may come without warning, so everyone should know how to react in case there’s an emergency.

Before your pool party, you should also ensure that all your pool pipes, as well as drains, are in working order. They should not be a danger to you or to anyone else. Check your pool equipment to ensure that everything is in working order. If you don’t know how to check your pool equipment, then you can call your pool installer in Melbourne to do this for you.

Your pool fence should also be in working order. You are the one who is responsible for the pool on your property. If a child comes into your yard and falls into your pool, you could face lawsuits. Throw your pool party only after you’ve ensured that everything in your pool area is in working condition.

Posting Signs For The Guests

Consider posting signs that warn guests about the dangers associated with swimming and place them in a prominent place at your pool party. You can even think of getting your guests to sign a waiver. By signing your waiver, your guests acknowledge that they understand the risks associated with the pool. They also state that they will not hold you responsible should something happen to them in your pool.

Some of the pool party safety signs you can add include:

  • No running around the pool area
  • No diving in the pool
  • No bringing glass anywhere near the pool
  • Only adults should be allowed in the deep end of the pool

These signs should be posted around your pool area. That way, all your guests will be aware of what the rules are. You could even ask someone to stand near the pool to enforce your rules. Their responsibility is to ensure that people know what the rules are, and are following them.

Those who break the rules could injure themselves, so following the rules is important.

Providing Water, Sunscreen And Shady Areas

When you’re hosting a pool party, an important responsibility you have is ensuring that your guests stay hydrated. You should provide a lot of water to your guests and encourage them to drink it often. This is especially true should they be swimming.

You may also want to consider providing your guests with some kind of non-alcoholic beverage for your guests to enjoy. Another way you can protect your guests is by providing them with sunscreen. With sunscreen, you can protect your guests from the harmful rays of the Sun.

You should also have shady areas around your pool, where your guests can rest. Providing water, sunscreen and shaded areas ensure that your guests are taken care of at all times.

Monitoring The Consumption Of Alcohol

If you’re throwing a pool party, you may want to provide alcoholic beverages as well. Should you choose to serve alcohol, then you should ensure that you monitor how much alcohol your guests are consuming.

Alcohol can lead to an impairment of judgement. It can also affect coordination in people. Both of these can cause accidents to happen both inside the water as well as outside of it. If you’re serving alcohol, then ensure that you have plenty of food to go along with that.

You can also think of designating a person to stay sober and watch the pool. The pool monitor you assign shouldn’t drink at the party. They also need to ensure that everyone is following the rules.

It would also be a good idea to designate someone who knows CPR as well as basic first aid, should there be an emergency. When you follow these tips, you can ensure that everyone is much safer at your pool party.


If you want to throw a pool party, then the first thing you need to do is ensure that your pool equipment is safe and up to par. You should also teach your family members how to use the pool safely, and they can help you during your pool party as well. Use this guide to learn how you can throw a pool party that is safer for everyone.

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