Which factors most affect the university admission decision?

When you apply for admission to a university program that you dream of, there is no magic formula that the university admission board will use. The admission factors will vary from one institution to the other. If you are interested in a particular university or college, you can use the college search to find more about its profile.

The majority of large university systems use a particular mathematical formula which is based on a student’s grade point average (GPA) and the score on their ACT or SAT. Grand Canyon University accreditation team and Grand Canyon University accreditation advise the student to highlight the following in their application if they want to earn an entry to join the institution.

Courses and grades

A student’s grades in their previous levels remain a significant factor that is looked at if they want to apply for an admission .highly selective colleges and universities look for students who: complete all the fundamental academic requirements, take more challenging classes even if they have lower grades in their lower-level courses, enroll in numerous college-level courses and perform well, show evidence of their academic challenge and discipline by taking world language courses.

Class rank

Many colleges still review class rank. It has since declined significantly in many religious and private schools.


Essays and personal statements are used to measure the writing ability of the applicant and a window to understanding where each student’s background. The admission team would want to hear the original voice of the student in their own words. Therefore, as a student writes an essay, it would be best for them to get to the point and be personal in their writing using specific examples.

Test scores

Many colleges still prefer to see standardized test scores. Examination like SAT subject test and SAT, or ACT allow colleges to compare students across the entire county.

Extracurricular activities

Evidence of the type of extracurricular activities that a student used to participate in is important in the admission process. The depth of involvement can be even more impressive than breadth. You can achieve this as a student by showing leadership skills and ability, focus on a limited number of interests, highlight activities that relate to a career goal or a major.

Recommendations from teachers and counselors

At selective colleges and universities, strong school recommendations by a faculty member and counselors are more critical. These recommendations should detail the students’ love for learning and how they have been challenging themselves.

Finally, when you follow the above factors, they will help you increase your chances of getting an admission chance.


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