Are There Such Issues As Occasions?

People throw across the time period “events” as happenings inside their on a regular basis lives. The query is although, are there things like completely discrete occasions, or is life, the Universe and the whole lot only one lengthy continuum?Occasions could occur however what’s outlined as an occasion is dependent upon who or what you’re. A house-run in baseball is a finite occasion from the standpoint of people – gamers and spectators and TV viewers. However for the bat and the baseball involved and the following impression made on no matter construction within the outfield stands would all have completely different views. To the bat, the impression of the ball wasn’t a home-run occasion however a split-second impression occasion. The impression within the stands was one other impression occasion, not a home-run occasion. To the baseball, it skilled two impression occasions. The house-run half was simply a part of an ongoing continuum because the baseball existed previous to the impression with the bat and after the impression with the stands.The water cycle (ongoing movement) is not a novel occasion. The water cycle is an ever ongoing continuum. Even one rainstorm is not an occasion. When does it begin? When the primary drop falls or when the primary drop hits the bottom and did not it begin earlier than it reached you and did not it cease till after it handed you by? And the destiny of 1 drop wasn’t the identical because the destiny of an adjoining drop since one drop might need been a part of the runoff and one other sank into the bottom and was instantly absorbed by a thirsty plant and one more drop instantly evaporated once more. So, is the rainstorm an occasion in its personal proper or is the falling of every raindrop an occasion in its personal proper? In case you are an individual you may differ from that of a water molecule.

Is dawn an occasion? When really is dawn? Is it when the night time sky begins to lighten? Is it when the highest of the Solar clears the horizon or does all the Solar should be above the horizon? When does dawn cease being dawn? And any person to the east or west of you will notice their dawn at a barely completely different time then you definitely see your dawn. So, can you actually pin down dawn as an occasion?The truth is any movement is a continuum. Movement may not at all times be apparent on the macro stage, it is at all times obvious definitely on the micro stage. Solely at Absolute Zero would all movement stop however that may by no means be achieved or occur so long as power exists nevertheless dilute it could be.You begin and end a drink, say a bottle of beer or no matter. To you, that was a finite occasion, however an occasion not acknowledged by any of the person water molecules inside.I’ve beforehand prompt that life varieties, like people, are a finite occasion. Now I am not so certain. At conception, a human (i.e. – you for instance) really consisted of beforehand not-you supplies (genetic bio-chemicals primarily). At loss of life, your stuff nonetheless continues to exist, the truth is most of your physique cells will nonetheless be alive and viable for a short time publish your scientific loss of life. In case you seek advice from your consciousness as being the actual finite you, then you definitely did not exist for fairly a while after you had been conceived, and your consciousness (which is ever altering and in flux all through your lifespan) may stop to be for all sensible functions means earlier than your precise scientific loss of life.Are goals an occasion? Sure, so it will appear, however certainly they (goals) derive from knowledge already current and accounted for inside the thoughts. Desires simply do not occur or pop into your state of psychological actuality or existence out of completely nothing and even once they stop they’ve inputted and contributed into your psychological submitting cupboard even if you’re unaware of that. The identical applies to ideas / concepts.Aren’t occasions contingent on consciousness? Have been there occasions previous to the evolution of consciousness? My self-aware / acutely aware cat possibly conscious of the start and the ending of feeding from its meals bowl, however the dry meals within the bowl in query is not conscious of any such occasion.

One may argue that there are not any remoted occasions, only one infinitely lengthy continuum, particularly from the standpoint of the elemental particles. It may nicely be that an up-quark that was current in your guardian’s gametes and due to this fact part of your conception was nonetheless round in your bones (or ashes) lots of of years previous your burial or cremation. You weren’t an occasion so far as the up-quark was involved, simply a part of the ever altering background it occurs to seek out itself in from second to second.If an occasion is the discrete begin and end of one thing, then an occasion actually must be the length from the creation of one thing from nothing that begins the occasion off and the destruction into nothingness of that one thing that completes or terminates the occasion.Additional, if an occasion A has a trigger then that trigger must be an integral a part of that occasion A. If that occasion A in flip causes one thing else to occur, then the occasion A must be an integral a part of that one thing and so up and down the timeline. No occasion really exists in an absolute isolation from different occasions. Conclusion: Life, the Universe and the whole lot is a continuum.

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