5 most innovative advancements in ed-tech

Educational technology is often called as ed-tech, which is nothing but the technology used to facilitate and help students or any kind of learners to understand and learn concepts in an easier way. Ed-tech is a company that deals with these kinds of products, enabling people all around the world to emerge into one unique idea system.

The technological advancements in ed-tech will facilitate learners to go deep into the concepts or to explore more widely than they could before. Smart boards, touch pens and online group learning have already been with our education system for a while now, and we can see the vast benefits of them in the way the students pay attention to the new ways of teaching. Edtech has evolved to the level that it has made preparation for competitive exams like IES, UPSC , GATE etc inspiring and interesting which was meant as mundane before.

5 most innovative advancements in ed-tech

This will help the students pay attention to even the most boring lectures, and to understand topics that are otherwise lengthy or complicated. Teachers nowadays show educational videos to students to help them grasp a process explained or some difficult procedure which their eyes can easily follow than their brains.

  1. TED-Edx: It is an innovative new video platform for highly educational videos that is a brainchild of TED. They involve motivational and technological talks on a common platform that can be attended as events or watched as videos on the web. It is a growing technological initiative which is enabling even the weaker and unaware masses about the important technology in the world, how to use them and to teach them how things are being done in today’s fast-moving world.

    Such kind of initiatives mainly bridges the gap between knowledge and those who seek it. Before, it was difficult to represent oneself on such a popular and widely-spread platform such that our voice reaches the general public we intend it for. This kind of technological advancements works towards developing our world technologically and maintain the gap between tech geniuses and laymen.

  2. VR for digital storytelling- EduPal is working in the classrooms to make VR products a reality among students and to teach them how the transformations are done. Many robotics labs are developing because of all the technology available in this new era of tech-savvy students. All these help in capturing the essence of the mainstream technology we will work with once we enter a company.

    So it is better to start before itself and learns/teach everything to know so that we can raise smarter students. Virtual reality is an important concept of today which can change our future forever with the right spark. It is being inducted into students’ syllabus and introduced everywhere to learning individuals so that we can help in its research and find more breakthroughs in the field of VR.

  3. Machine Learning- This is a complicated as well as an extremely important topic that helps us deal with machines, understanding them, programming them and speaking to them using our own language. The term is a machine’s ability to independently analyse data on its own without being specifically programmed to do so. This is a speedily growing trend today, where everyone wants to make machines do what they want them.

    There is data analytics, which has other smaller technological advancements under it which facilitates us to understand the inside of the machines we create and to interact with them in the best way possible, to project our ideas onto them and make the devices do what we want them to. In this technological era, it is important to learn machine code, understand computational statistics and all the other parameters needed to work with Virtual Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

  4. Flipped-learning tech- This is a new innovative method of learning and teaching, where the students or learners watch educational videos about the supposed concept, using online ed-tech tools, and are then helped by their class teachers or course in-charges respectively to complete their homework. This will enable students to understand the concepts on their own, in their own pace and frequency; and then clarify their doubts using the mentors provided.

    This is a pretty old innovation which has gained a lot of merit among the masses of students and teachers as this ensures that both their workloads are lesser and easier to handle. The students can directly approach the teachers with their own doubts, instead of waiting for the whole class to catch along and the teachers can pay individual attention to every student.

  5. Encyclopaedia of Life- This is a new technological advancement where the reference site is maintained by independent writers, and they have a huge content of textual matter in biology. The encyclopaedia had formed a huge trend among all the wiki-users and online bloggers, where they could assist other needy people in research work or learning.

    This advancement is surely just one among a million more to come, but it is the starting of a seed that will enable us to expand our database of information within ourselves around the world, and also to our next generations so we can keep increasing the amount of information we have time by time.

With ed-tech, teaching and learning both have changed for the better!

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