A Little Cultivation Can Rule the Nation

Education is a fundamental part of a child’s development. The child’s brain normally doubles in size with in the first 12 months of their birth. Moreover, it continues to develop on through the third year. They learn things such as, native language, walking, motor and cognitive functions. These developmental stages from infancy, into childhood, on to adolescents, concluding with adulthood. Moreover, even in adulthood the brain will still continue to modify, adjust, and be capable of learning new things.

When it comes to children, it is like teaching with a blank canvas. It is a fresh young impressionable mind that is ready to be molded and shaped into the future. Although school and education are very important for a child’s growth and evolution, a child does not only learn on scholarly level in life alone. There are many elements to life that a child will need to learn and be provided with in order to properly develop. When you factor in a child’s living environment, nutritional intake, routine medical care, social interaction, you begin to see that there are many components that contribute to a child’s proper development.

An approach has been taken nationally to become involved in all aspects involve the child’s life to help the development of education, growth, and development. This approach promotes constant engagement with a student on a whole approach. As I stated earlier, it would be through home, community and educational facilities. Believing that the whole approach will better engage and challenge a child to motivate them to excel in the learning process. Children have not been properly engaged and supported in the past. Resulting in students being improperly prepared for advancement education and a career opportunity.

Although school is not year rough, it should not be a deterrence for parents to reinforce their scholarly advancements. There are many programs and activities throughout the summer that are geared toward the education and mental stimulation of a child. Googling for things such as summer programs for kids minneapolis mn will to populate summer programs in your area. If you live in the Minneapolis area, then this search will show available programs in that area. If living in another state and city, search that state and city and it will populate programs as well. No matter what state a parent and child reside in, there is always summer activities gear toward learning for children. There are also summer camping trips where children can learn survival skills like swimming, fishing, building a fire and a tent.

Whatever summer activity a child is involved in, allow it to be one of their choice. Allow them to choose things that they like; this will aid in cultivating whatever gift or hidden talent that may be inside of them. Allow them to explore themselves to see what they like and what they may not like. Try not to persuade them with your own wants and desires as they may start to feel a need to do things that they are not really interested in just to please you and for your approval. There are many aspects to the proper learning, growth, and development of a child. With patience and love they can be cultivated into everything they want to be.

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