A Step by Step Guide to Organizing a Benefit Concert

A benefit concert is similar to peer-to-peer fundraising; you can attract some people who have no idea about your cause. Others may come to see a show. If you want to maximize your exposure and raise the most funds, you should work with the venue and performers to promote the event. To get more ideas for organizing a benefit concert, visit this link: https://www.savethemusic.org/blog/benefit-concert/.

Planning a benefit concert

When planning a benefit concert, you need to keep your team in sync. You will need to work with volunteers and musicians, recruit volunteers, and sell tickets. Your success will depend on how well you communicate with them. In addition to knowing the numbers, you should know the type of music your supporters enjoy. If you’re planning on hosting a small concert, you may consider hiring a local venue. Whether the benefit concert is for a local charity or a large community, it’s essential to have a plan before planning your event.

If you’re organizing a small bar gig or an elaborate multi-performer concert, you need to plan a fundraising event to bring in new supporters. Benefit concerts are an opportunity to introduce your nonprofit organization to new audiences and get more people to attend your show. The more people involved, the better. You can ask the performers to promote the show for free or sell tickets.

Recruiting performers

When organizing a benefit concert, you want to recruit performers who will be able to showcase their talents to your audience. While the main reason for recruiting artists to perform at your event is to raise money for the nonprofit, there are many other reasons to recruit performers. This will help your fundraiser stand out from the rest and attract more community engagement. Besides bringing the audience closer to the cause, performers will also bring you more opportunities for fundraising and exposure outside of your core base of supporters.

Recruiting performers for a benefit concert is easy if you use the right tactics. First, you can email leads to let them know about auditions and events. Second, you can use videos to recruit performers. Using videos is the best option, showcasing both performers and the organization behind them. Finally, you can also send out emails to prospective members with information about the concert and the chorus. These will make your fundraiser a hit!

Creating a landing page

Creating a landing page for a benefit concert is a must for fundraisers. It will encourage potential donors to attend, but it will also serve as a central hub for all marketing efforts related to the event. If your landing page is well designed, it can even serve as a post-event marketing tool, keeping attendees informed about the concert.

First, create a compelling call to action (CTA) button that directs visitors to the event signup form. Landing pages that direct visitors to action are most effective when they feature a solid call to action. Also, a generic “Click Here” is not a compelling enough call to action. Instead, make it more specific: “Grab a Virtual 2022 ticket now!”

Selling tickets

If you’re considering selling tickets for your benefit concert, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, you have to know how much you can charge per ticket. The average ticket price for a benefit concert is typical $150 to $400. You can adjust that price to fit the demand curve, as long as you set it at a point where demand is unit elastic, and you don’t lose money. A good starting point is $150.

Usually, you can buy concert tickets from brokers, who will usually charge you more than the face value of the tickets. However, you’ll have to ensure that the keys have limited seating, which won’t harm your bottom line. Also, you can save money by not promoting the concert as widely as you would have otherwise. Alternatively, you can offer activity bonuses to boost ticket sales. This could be as simple as a complimentary dinner for two or as elaborate as access to a day trip. Finally, you can sell the tickets for a sub-event if you have limited seating. Then, use the keys for the sub-event to fill it.

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