Beta-alanine is a common supplement among athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it improves performance, endurance, and benefits overall health. It is a non-essential amino acid occurring naturally in the body. However, unlike other amino acids in the body, beta-alanine is not used to synthesize proteins. Instead, it combines with another chemical known as histidine to produce CarnoSyn® stored in the skeletal muscles. CarnoSyn® inhibits lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during physical performance hence prolonging endurance and recovery.

Why beta-alanine works?

Normally, your muscles have higher levels of histidine, but the beta-alanine levels are usually low, limiting the production of more CarnoSyn®. So, supplementing your muscles with a globally patented beta-alanine supplement elevates your CarnoSyn® levels by up to 80%.

During athletic performance or high-intensity exercises, here is how CarnoSyn® works:

  • Glycolysis takes place- it is the breaking down of glucose, the primary source of energy or fuel during physical performance.
  • Production of lactate- as you perform, train or exercise, the muscles break down glucose into lactic acid, which the body converts to lactate to produce hydrogen ions.
  • The acidity of muscles- from there, the muscles become more acidic because the hydrogen ions minimize the

ir PH.

  • The onset of fatigue- the muscle acidity inhibits glucose breakdown and reduces the capacity of your muscles to contract as you exercise, leading to fatigue.
  • CarnoSyn® buffer- CarnoSyn® acts as a buffer against lactic acid by reducing the acidity of muscles during a high-intensity performance. Because beta-alanine supplements increase CarnoSyn® levels, it helps reduce your muscle acidity during exercises and reduces overall fatigue.

Prolongs the time to fatigue

According to scientific studies, beta-alanine increases the time to exhaustion or prolongs the time it takes to fatigue during exercises. A survey in cyclists discovered that four weeks of beta-alanine supplementation improved the total work completed by 13%. Similarly, twenty subjects on a comparable cycling test increased their endurance levels by 13-14% after taking beta-alanine supplements for one month.

Athletic performance and strength

CarnoSyn® promotes muscle function by balancing and maintaining strength for everyday physical performance. Using beta-alanine supplements increases CarnoSyn® levels, reducing fatigue, and improving athletic performance in high-intensity exercises.

Improves shorter duration exercises

Muscle acidosis or the acidity of the muscles limits the duration of high-intensity physical performance. Therefore, beta-alanine aids performance during short-duration exercises and high athletic performance. According to a study, beta-alanine supplementation increased time to exhaustion by a whole 19% during high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT.

Other benefits of beta-alanine

Beta-alanine improves muscle endurance for older adults. During training, it can enhance the training volume and minimize fatigue.

Beta-alanine also benefits body composition. According to a study, supplementation with beta-alanine increases lean muscle mass in younger adults and promotes muscle growth. However, more research is needed to ascertain that.

Other benefits are associated with the fact that beta-alanine increases the CarnoSyn® levels, which has other body benefits. CarnoSyn® has anti-aging properties, is an antioxidant, and enhances immune health. Through its antioxidant properties, it neutralizes free radicals and minimizes oxidative stress. It also boosts the performance and quality of muscles in older adults.

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