Five Tips to Help You Get the Best Results with University Clearing

If you do not get into your top choice, there are other universities that may offer the right classes. Clearing gives you the chance to find an alternative. To get the best results, prepare for results day with the anticipation that you may need to enter Clearing.

  1. Start Planning Before You Get Results

Before results day approaches, you should start planning for the possibility that you may not get accepted to your first or second choice. Research other universities and the courses they offer.

Make a list of home tuition agency and courses that you may want to take. When you make this list, pay attention to details other than just the course list. Use the same considerations that you use for selecting your top university choices. This includes the location, tuition costs, and living accommodations.

  1. View the Latest Clearing Listings

The university Clearing 2018 listings are available the fifth of July. However, most students will likely wait until results day to find out if they were accepted to their first choices. After the listings are made available, you can continue to view the updated vacancies.

Compare the vacancies to your list of potential courses and universities from the previous step. You should find several universities to call and inquire about courses.

  1. Gather Necessary Information

Before you call a university, you should gather your information. This includes your Clearing number, test results (A-level, AS-level, or GCSE), and login credentials for UCAS Track.

You should also prepare notes for each phone call. Create a list of questions about the courses and the university along with possible answers to questions they may ask.

  1. Begin Phoning Universities

Set aside an hour or two to begin phoning universities. Choosing a time to call will allow you to avoid distractions. Always call from a quiet location and make the call yourself.

Treat the phone call as an interview. You are trying to make a good impression. The goal is to get an offer to attend their university. If you do get an offer, you should ensure that a confirmation is sent to your email.

Take notes as you make these phone calls. You do not need to decide on a university immediately. If you can make several phone calls, you can review your options before committing.

  1. Make Sure You Enter Your Choice in Time

While you can review options before you make a Clearing choice, the timeframe is limited. You will generally have 12 to 48 hours to enter your Clearing choice on Track and may only enter one choice at a time.

With fewer students enrolling at major universities in recent years, a growing number of respectable home tutor singapore are offering courses through Clearing. If you do not get accepted to your top choice on results day, use Clearing as an opportunity to take the courses you want

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