What Color Are Penn State Graduation Gowns?

Are you looking for Penn State graduation gowns? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Penn State has several color schemes to choose from, including Green, White, and Black. If you’re not sure which one to choose, check out the information below. You’ll be glad you took the time to read through this article. While you may be tempted to stick to the basics, you may want to experiment with different colors.


The black penn state caps & gowns are a tradition that dates back to 1903. It was worn by thousands of graduates at the school’s commencement in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where the hood lining was made of a special fabric. Traditionally, this kind of graduation gown was worn with a white cap, but it was not always the case. In 1905, the school became a client of the academic costume company Cotrell & Leonard, which also served as the depository for the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume. It was assigned to Penn State College as early as 1905. Still, descriptions of the hood were not published until c.1912 in Frank Haycraft’s book, The Degrees, and Hoods of the World’s Colleges and Universities (1923) and a 1923 Encyclopedia Americana article by Gardner Cotrell Leonard.

Doctoral degree candidates will wear a doctoral gown made of black velvet with a purple panel in the middle. These hoods worn by doctorate and master’s degree candidates differ in length depending on the academic degree the student holds. The hood, which is not lined, has an eight-sided tam, which indicates the degree level of the wearer. In addition, the gowns come with black hoods.


The University of Utah has its graduation regalia, including a blue gown with pointed sleeves, a mortarboard cap, and a tassel. Students must wear a blue gown and hood with the tassel placed on the right front edge for undergraduate academic graduation. Once they cross the stage, the tassel will be placed on the left front edge. Doctoral graduates will wear doctoral regalia sets, which must be purchased separately.

The green tone will be reflected on both the cap and the gown, made from fabric from renewable managed forests. In addition, the zipper will be made from 100 percent recycled material. The graduation ceremony will be held at the University Park campus in State College this weekend, with more than 12,500 diplomas being handed out. Students are encouraged to wear their graduation regalia with a conscience. The tassel-and-sail-shaped cap will be worn on the day of the graduation.


The University of Maryland offers the highest undergraduate regalia package, which costs $140 for the graduate’s cap, gown, tassel, and departmental hood. Unlike other universities, Penn State’s cap and gown selections are not uniform; each college is unique.

For students completing their master’s degrees, the gown must be a color different from the degree they are pursuing. The doctoral gowns are black with purple panels. The undergraduate gowns are maroon with green trim, while the graduate-level gowns are navy blue with purple trim. Graduates in the Ph.D. or the Law degree program wear black gowns with a purple crow’s-foot emblem. Graduates in the honors program and national honor societies can wear ornaments on their gowns.

Other colors

While Penn State is famous for its blue graduation gown, the school has other colors you can wear to graduate from their college. The Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude honors programs have their colors. These students will wear blue and white cords. Both colors are appropriate for a graduation ceremony. Those who are graduating with honors will receive a white and blue cord. However, you can still opt to wear blue and white if you want to look unique.

Penn State graduates commonly wear gold or silver gowns. Your graduation gown color can be found online or at campus bookshops. Faculty and employees can also rent gowns and hats from the University wardrobe. One recent grad received a gold robe as a birthday gift.

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