Career Fields

Searching for a job can often be overwhelming and discouraging. Sometimes positions will open up, but they may not be the career path you were thinking of. Some professions are just branches of a bigger field and should be considered when choosing your career. Here are three popular career categories.


For those who have an artsy or creative streak in them, some sort of designer job may be right for you. Most think design deals only with fabric and fashion, but designing is using your creativity on any number of projects. Artistry, whether through painting or drawing, is a branch of this path. Decorating homes and offices is considered to be one as well. Designing can take on any form of life, as it has no specific specialty.


Those who live for the action and thrill of a moment may want to consider some type of crime-fighting, emergency handling, or military training job. Each one is extremely important as they fight to keep the world a safer place with no regard for their own safety. Fire inspector classes, policeman courses, and EMT training are the starting points for those looking at these careers. If you are looking to join the military, each branch will have a series of boot camps and training courses you must pass.


Perhaps you like to do a lot of behind the scenes work or would rather be the helper than the leader. If this is the case, then you should consider becoming someone’s personal assistant or an office secretary. These jobs consist of multiple other jobs and tasks that keep a manager or company running. They often go unnoticed and are underappreciated, but their roles are vital. Without them, most businesses wouldn’t know what to do.

Choosing your career should be something that interests you. It is what your future will be based around, so make sure you are doing something you love.

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