4 Easy Steps To Organize Your Own Book Club

Have you ever finished reading a book and really want to discuss it with someone? You are not alone! In fact, there are millions of book clubs in the U.S for that very reason. Readers often like to talk about their books. If you aren’t already in a book club, here are four simple steps to start your own.

  1. Decide Who To invite

First, think about friends you know that love books as much as you do. If you have co-workers that you enjoy, you may consider involving them. Two or three avid readers will probably come to mind. Ask them to each think of two or three friends to invite. You will want at least five to ten members who can regularly attend. Diversity of age, gender, and cultural background will add depth to your discussions.

  1. Determine When and Where To Meet

Finding a regular time to meet can be quite a hurdle. Use an app such as Rally to determine the monthly meeting time that will work best for everyone’s schedules. Next is determining where to meet. There are numerous options available. You can meet online, at a local library or coffee shop, club member’s homes or a combination. Some book clubs take turns hosting the event at their residences and then go out to dinner once or twice a year just to switch things up.

  1. Establish Who Chooses the Books

Most book clubs take a poll at the beginning of the year and gather numerous titles that are interesting. Some groups focus on just one author or one genre. Most clubs use a variety of books and subjects. They enjoy everything from a modern fable about politics to historical fiction. You may consider biographies, self-help books and romance novels. Consult well-respected sources, such as the New York Times bestseller list for ideas.

  1. Consider the Social Aspects

Will there be refreshments involved and some visiting before or after the book discussion? It can be frustrating to avid readers that just want to dive into the book to have to chit-chat about work issues or daycare dilemmas. Take a poll of your group and determine what they prefer. Perhaps a compromise to start by discussing the book and those who want to socialize can stay and mingle afterward. Another option is to have a social hour before the club meeting officially begins. To many of your members, their need for friendship and visiting may be the main reason they joined your group. Be sure to take their needs into account as you decide the format for your meetings.

Now you see how easy it is to start a book club, what is stopping you?


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