Changes Brought About By Modern Technology in The Publishing Industry

Content creation is an exercise that has existed for quite a while now. Nonetheless, there have been tremendous transformations in the industry, thanks to the advancements in technology. It would be inappropriate not to acknowledge where the publishing industry has come from and the changes that can be seen in it. Bentham Science has embraced such changes. In this article, you shall get a clearer glimpse of some of the great impacts of modern technology on the publishing sector.

Decreased Use of Print Media

You can also attest that today, newspapers are not as common as they were about three decades ago. Most people have become more accustomed to getting news updates, entertainment, and sports from the internet, which is widely available globally. The icing on the cake is that you can access real-time information wherever, whenever, through your mobile device. These include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The same case applies to other print media, including magazines and journals. Bentham Open is among the few remaining platforms that allow content creators to publish their content and make it available.

Multichannel Publishing

Multichannel publishing acts as the bridge for the gap between the digital and real worlds. You will realize that most publications today are running towards incorporating some simple but cost-effective technologies into their operations. These include QR codes and near-field communication technologies. Such technologies allow readers to access a page on their mobile gadgets, which further directs them into different content, such as watching a promotional video or even making online purchases.

Audio and Video Content Emergence

Today, most publishers have realized the significant benefits that accompany the passing of content to the consumers in the form of audio and videos. There has been an abrupt upsurge in the number of podcasts, audiobooks, and read-aloud articles in the current generation. Additionally, most magazine publishing companies have taken advantage of audio apps to pass their content to consumers without entirely relying on images and written text. That is the same case with video content. According to estimates, videos will take up about 82% of consumer web traffic by 2022. This will directly translate into increased streaming hours, giving different publishing companies a competitive edge.

The Devices

You should also consider the hardware changes in the industry. Different innovators have developed various devices that allow convenient reading, watching, and listening of online content. This is the most recent change brought by modern technology in the publishing industry.

Human beings need to be regularly updated on what is happening in politics, sports, entertainment, and even local news. This is what publishing companies strive to achieve, and it has been made easier by current technology.

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