The Dangers of Not Having a Satellite Phone

It is estimated that 35 million homes are impacted by hurricanes and power loss every year. It is also known that a simple device of a satellite phone that could save a fisherman’s life, usually isn’t affordable to them. These are the dangers of not having a satellite phone. While satellite phones can be expensive to purchase, you can rent a device as part of your sat phone sales agreement, and avoid these dangers.

Sat Phones Save Lives

It almost goes without saying that sat phones save lives. That’s why the government and the military have been using them for decades. It’s estimated that tens of thousands of humans in the world die annually because they can’t connect to someone or something.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on sat phone sales to overcome this problem. Sat phone rentals can help you stop worrying about this. Rent a sat phone, and never worry about not being connected again.

Stranded at Sea

Satellite phones have been used by higher-ranking sea officers and management because the company or the government generally pays for them. But what about the lobster seamen that come upon a storm one morning at 5 am? They usually can’t afford sat phone sales, and something bad could happen to them and does every year.

Rent a Sat Phone

The biggest danger of not having a sat phone means not being connected. Just thinking about that bothers you, right? Rent a sat phone, and you’ll wonder what took you so long to affordably invest in this insurance policy.


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